Did you know that some of the longest animals in the world live in the water? That’s right; aquatic creatures can range in size from a few inches to hundreds of feet long! Today, we’re going to look at 09 of these animals.

These creatures can be found in all habitats, from the deep ocean to coastal waters. Some are predators who feed on fish and other marine life, while others are herbivores who graze on seagrass and algae. Whatever their diet, these animals are pretty darn long!

Let’s take a closer look at 09 of the longest animals in the world, shall we?

1. Giant Pacific octopus

Giant Pacific octopus

The giant Pacific octopus is the largest species of octopus in the world. They can grow to be around 30 feet long and weigh up to 600 pounds!

They are found in the coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean, from Japan to California. These creatures are characterized by their large size, eight arms, and two rows of suckers.

These animals are brilliant and have been known to escape from captivity. In the wild, they typically live for around five years.

2. Giant squid

The giant squid is the largest invertebrate on Earth and one of the ocean’s largest and most fearsome predators.

Giant squid

Growing up to 30 feet long and weighing up to 1,000 pounds, these massive creatures are armed with sharp beaks and powerful tentacles studded with barbs. A Full age evolution of a squid can live up to 5 years and unto 43 feet long.

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3. Articulated python

Articulated python

The articulated python is a species of snake that can grow to be lengthy. An average adult articulated python will measure between 20 and 30 feet, but some individuals have been known to reach lengths of up to 40 feet!

Articulated pythons are found in the wild in Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia and are sometimes kept as pets (although they can be pretty dangerous).

4. Green anaconda

Green anaconda

The anaconda is the world’s giant snake and can grow over 29 feet long. Anacondas are native to tropical South America, living in swamps, marshes, and river basins. These snakes are powerful swimmers and often float on the water’s surface.

5. Saltwater crocodile

Saltwater crocodiles are the most giant living reptiles in the world. They can grow up to 23 feet long and weigh 1,000 pounds! They are mainly found in northern Australia and Southeast Asia.

Saltwater crocodile

Saltwater crocodiles are carnivores and eat anything from fish and small mammals to large prey such as deer and buffalo. They have very sharp teeth that can easily tear through meat and bone.

These crocodiles are very dangerous to humans and have been known to attack and kill people. If you’re ever in saltwater crocodile territory, it’s best to stay away from the water’s edge!

6. Orca

Orcas, or killer whales, are the largest members of the dolphin family. They can grow to be about 30 feet long and weigh up to 6 tons.


Orcas are found in all the world’s oceans and are one of the most widely distributed marine mammals. They are apex predators, meaning they are at the top of the food chain. Orcas feed on various prey, including fish, seals, and even large whales.

7. Great white shark

The great white shark is a species of large mackerel known for its ferocity and size. It can grow to be up to 30 feet long and weigh up to 2,500 pounds.

Great white shark

Great white sharks are found in all the world’s oceans and are one of the most feared predators in the sea. They feed mainly on marine mammals, including seals, dolphins, and even whales.

8. Whale shark

The whale shark is a gentle giant. The largest fish in the world, these sharks, can grow up to 30 feet long. They are docile creatures and often swim along with the current. Whale sharks are filter feeders, meaning they eat only the smallest prey. They mainly eat plankton, but sometimes they eat small fish or shrimp.

Despite their size, whale sharks are not dangerous to humans. In fact, swimming with them has become a popular tourist activity in many parts of the world. These majestic creatures are a reminder of the ocean’s wonders and the importance of conservation.

9. Humpback Whale

The humpback whale is a baleen whale that typically ranges from 30 to 52 feet. They weigh an average of 36 metric tons or about 40 short tons. Humpbacks are known for their impressive size, playful nature, and beautiful songs.

Humpback whales are found in all the world’s oceans. They feed mainly on krill and small fish, using their long baleen plates to filter out their prey. Humpbacks are also known to eat squid and octopus.

Humpback Whale

Bottom Line

Though many animals can reach the size of 30 feet (ft.), these 09 are some of the most impressive. From deadly great white sharks to gentle whale sharks, these creatures amaze and fascinate us with their size and power. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about them!

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